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Common Questions We Get Asked

1. What are some other costs involved with a website design?
There are 2 costs other than the Website Design that everyone who owns a website incurs.

a. Domain Name registration. This is usually $15-$25/year. This is your website’s name. For example ours is “”. You pay a domain name registrar, such as this fee.

b. Web Hosting. Usually ranges from $6-$20/month. It is $10/month if you host with us. When someone types in your website name, your website files are loaded from a server (fancy name for a glorified computer). This server is referred to as a “web host” and allows your website to show up online. Hosting is like a “rental” fee for having your website files on this server.

2. How do I send you content and pictures? Do I need to gather everything first?
You can e-mail us any content you have such as words and pictures. Since you know your business best, we want you to tell us what your website should say about you and your business. You do not necessarily need to have all the content ready to get started. We can use “filler content” to start. This can be replaced with actual content once you have the content ready. This allows us to get started sooner, which allows us to have the draft version of your website completed sooner.
3. Can you design a website to sell items?
Yes, if you are only selling a few items (1-3), we can create a website that has a simple “Buy Now” button linked to your Paypal account. This is included in our standard fee. If you plan to sell many items (like an online clothing store), then this would require an advanced “e-commerce” store which we can build for an extra fee. The cost depends on exactly what you are looking for. Contact Us for more information if you would like to build an on line ecommerce store.
4. What’s considered a page?
Our Web Design prices are based on the number of pages on your website. A page is any menu item in the navigation bar. For example, “Home”, “Web Design Services”, “About Us” are each considered a page. Each Web Design package comes with a maximum number of pages. Each additional page is $47. You can start small and add pages as your business grows.
5. What happens once I place my order?
Once you place your order, you will be taken to a thank you page with a form to fill out. The information on this form will help us get started. One of our designers will contact you to get any additional information on your design. We’ll ask you general questions, such as what pages you’d like and what kind of look and feel you’d like. Then, we’ll start on the design process.
6. How do I tell you how I want my website to look?
You can view our Samples templates here. Then pick a layout to use on your website. If you still see a layout you like, we have additional templates available. Just let us know what you are looking for, or show us websites you like and we will do our best to design something similar.
7. Can I make changes once the website is done?
Once the draft version of your website is completed, you can make unlimited changes until you are satisfied. Once the final version of your website is done, we will gladly make any changes for a reasonable fee of $40/hr. Some business owners have many changes or additions they make on a weekly or monthly basis. If you are such a business owner, you may want to consider our hosting and maintenance package for $47/month which allows you to make unlimited changes monthly. Or if you are not on that plan, you can always hire us at $40/hr (we are happy to give you an estimate up front).
8. Where are you guys located?
We’re located in Wilmington, Delaware. We’ve designed numerous websites for small businesses across the country. You can view our Testimonials, or contact any company on our Portfolio page who will gladly recommend our services.

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4023 Kennett Pike
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Wilmington, DE 19807

Phone: 302-584-5612
Fax: 801-925-7666


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